Sunday, 31 May 2009

WiiSCU 0.21

It's out ! I've been working on this for a few days at least. Grab it at Wiibrew.


~ Added code for debug purposes.

~ No more 'epic fail' -- now it shows what patchmii returns.

~ IOS51 and Photo Channel 1.0 support removed.

~ Added an option to exit to the Homebrew Channel.

~ News/weather channel now installs HAFx/HAGx as well as HAFA/HAGA (using gamedisc region).

~ Added sysconf.c to determine region to install news/weather channels.

~ Tidied up code a bit.

Go grab it, use it, generally go nuts with it.

Hello Weird New World !

Since I've always wanted my own blog, I decided to create one.

This blog will follow all of what may be going on with:



and maybe a few other things.